Artist Dominik Jasiński

I was shopping in Shuwaikh the other day when I spotted a guy carrying a really cool hand-painted canvas handbag. I was hesitant at first to stop him and ask, I didn't want to freak him out, luckily for me, his friend must have noticed my interested because he immediately pointed to the bag and his friend and said "He actually hand-painted this bag, amazing ha?". I instantly jumped in front of the poor guys, excited to find out more. 

I came to know that he's an artist from Poland and his name is Dominik Jasiński. He is currently working in Kuwait, and he mainly specializes in oil paintings but started cooperating with bag designers, pottery designers and so on, to create a fusion of art and fashion. He invited me to Dar Al Funoon's exhibition which he took part in last month but unfortunately being swamped with work, I was unable to attend the exhibition. However, he was kind enough to send me photos of his recent work. 

The bags are unique. Some of them are made only as one piece, some he has produced in short series of 5 pieces. They might not appeal to some women in Kuwait, especially those who refuse to carry a bag that's not from Chanel, Hermes... etc, but I think those who appreciate art and individuality would be attracted to his casual cool everyday bag and designs. He is currently looking for t-shirt manufacturers in Kuwait to print his artwork on high-quality tees, so if you have any recommendations, please feel free to post them in the comments section of this post.  

Dominik Jasiński, born in 1981 in  Poland, graduated from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, specializing in drawing the anatomy of the human body. His works now hanging in private collections in UK, Canada, Portugal, Kuwait, France, Luxembourg, Spain, Sweden as well as his native Poland. Dominik is acclaimed as a raising star among young Polish artists, which has put him in demand for many other projects,  such as; promoting a large retailer, designing pottery, fashion design of bags and T-shirts.

He also curates exhibitions to give other artists a chance to display their work, this is in conjunction with the Gallery of the National Theatre of Poland in Warsaw. He also has been commissioned to paint a portrait of Katie Melua as part of Breast Cancer awareness in Poland.

Dominik is currently based in Kuwait, a fresh influence on his style. For further info and contact details, please click here. Also you can follow him on facebook here.


Anonymous said…
I absolutely love this! I wish he's selling these!