New Designers: Nasiba Hafiz

If Stella Jean and Cacharel had a love child, this collection would be it! created by a Saudi Arabia fashion designer Nasiba Hafiz, her line is inspired by one of the most feminine decades in fashion, the 1950s. Nasiba's muse for the collections was Egyptian actress Faten Hamama, a woman that personified class and style the same way Audrey Hepburn did for Western cinema. 

Her first collection, which was stocked at NASS boutique a few months ago and sold out like hot cakes, is driven by the whimsical and playful siluhette of the 1950s. Think bold prints, full skirts, and mixed patterns. 

Find out more about Nasiba Hafiz by clicking here.


M said…
I just checked their instagram. The prints are so tribal and modern and beautiful.
If (When) I go to South Africa to visit my South African besties, I will buy most of their collection.