Maharishi at Panacheous: The Cargo Comeback

The cargo pants. My everyday look in the mid 90's, when I first went to college. My first pair were of course by Maharishi which had a huge colorful embroidery on the side. I My mother purchased them for me from Villa Moda for KD 60 or 70 I think, back then that was a lot of money. So I had to beg for months to have them.  I wore them with my denim jacket until they got worn out.  Such a sad, sad day when I finally had to part with them. And do you remember when Nicolas Ghesquiere brought cargo back to Balenciaga in 2002 when he sent models down the runway in stunning silk pants in khaki and pink? They were way above my budget so I settled for an inspired-by-Balenciaga pair from Mango

Now 10 years later, I was thrilled to see the comeback of the cargo pants when I received an invite from Panacheous Boutique for a private preview of their new adults and kids collection of Maharishi, they came in light fabric for the summer as well as heavier cotton for chilly weather. And there was a selection of t-shirts, and matching iPad and mini iPad covers. The event was perfect because it was cozy, I got to view each piece without rushing or distractions, the lovely owner of Panacheous Sarah Al Wazzan was, as always, impeccably and stylishly dressed in Chanel accessories and a cute blue fur hat. She walked me through the collection and the new additions to the store. Scroll down to view highlights if the Maharishi collection.