Fashion Illustration All the Way from Portugal

E-mails that come from different parts of the world, especially far far away, really make my day. I have just received and e-mail from António, a fashion illustrator who lives in Oporto city in Portugal, and works as a freelance illustrator. I'm not sure if he already knew how obsessed I am with fashion illustration or simply wanted a medium to spread the word in our region about his amazing talent, but he shared with me part of his recent illustration project and it's absolutely amazing. 

António completed his degree in Fine Arts (painting) at the School of Fine Arts of the University of Porto. Since then, he has devoted his time painting and illustration as well as to artistic education. In fact, fashion illustration came about at the time he was teaching that subject of the Fashion Design course at CITEX. 

If you're looking for an illustrator, you may contact him by sending an e-mail to