The Experimental Eatery

Last week we had the pleasure of trying out The Experimental Eatery, a new local concept pop-up restaurant which specializes in meticulous preparation and careful presentation of food accompanied by unique ambience and exclusive music mixtapes. The talented young Chef Faisal Al-Nashmi, a culinary arts graduate from Le Cordon Bleu and Faris Ali, the ambience and mood coordinator, are the creative team behind The Experimental Eatery

We were advised to dress "smart casual", and come with a big appetite since it's a 5-course meal. The location of the poo-up restaurant was shared just a few hours before the meal, which added suspense to my experience, in a good way of course. The Experimental Eatery was held at Arabana, which I have previously featured about it on my blog here.  The theme was industrial, with light cables were carefully spread on the floor from the entrance to the main seating area. Old communication devices were used as the center piece. As all guests showed op, Chef Faisal greeted us an explained that they'll be offering tasting menu, which is basically small portions of several dishes as a single meal. The dishes served and they way the food was presented were like lessons of flavors I've never experienced, or heard of, before. And because the dinner's theme was industrial, some dishes were served covered in tin cans, as you can see from the photo below.

The music playlist was beyond cool, every tune was setting the mood right, the food presentation was simply phenomenal, and the taste was really really good. I enjoyed every bit of our Experimental Eatery experience. And in case you're wondering, they do offer catering services. Scroll down to find out more. 

Spam croquettes, glazed spam squares, spam jus, pancetta crisp with ginger cauliflower puree.

Teryaki sriracha glazed eryngi with mushroom soup ice cream (so good!)

My absolute favorite Experimental Eatery dish, the Smoke and Mirrors, basically it's a compressed shortrib with chestnut and tongue, served with chestnut pine puree. Deeeeelish!

Then came the desserts, first we tried the sweet sashimi with Papaya and white chocolate pistachio. served on a white stone. 

And finally, we had the "After 8", which is basically dark chocolate kind of chocolate mosse with mint serenade.