Shamsa AlAbbar

Arm party. Are you sick of hearing this word? A word I'm guilty of using many times simply because of my lack of terms/vocab. The word "arm party" is starting to annoy me a lot recently and I'm trying to refrain from using it. Not always successful but I'm trying. However, I still am obsessed with throwing siiiick arm parties, here I go again!!, where every bracelet is invited, and of course the more the merrier!  My latest addition to my collection is a gorgeous gold chain bracelet with protuberant geometric shape decorated with small diamonds designed by the talented Dubai-based designer Shamsa AlAbbar.

During my recent stay in Dubai, Shamsa AlAbbar has surprised me with this beyond beautifully packaged gift. Her pyramid-like shaped box was like nothing I've ever seen before, with its sides completely covered in her geometric patterns. It was place on a black stone plate, decorated with pretty white orchids. It looked divine!

Inside was a beautiful gold dainty chain bracelet with geometric shaped detail, representing her style in jewelry design, geometric shapes to form arabic words. The whole idea is to create abstract and interesting shapes to interpret arabic words. I remember I first saw Shamsa's designs instagrmmed on street style favorite Miroslava Duma's account and I fell in love with it instantly.

Shamsa AlAbbar is a graduate from the American University in Dubai holding a bachelor of fine arts in visual communication, majoring in graphic design. Shamsa specialized in branding, package design, layout design, and poster design. No wonder her jewelry package is so amazing! According to her website, Shamsa's inspiration usually comes from the beautiful things around her, as she always tries to find beauty in the most unusual places.

Thank you Shamsa for your beautiful gift, it's a very special addition to my arm party collection.