Friday, November 29, 2013

Fuzzy Wuzzy Was a Raccoon

The moment I saw Vika Gazinskaya un-stuffed animal stoles during fashion week and I have been contemplating whether I should get me one or not, would I be able to pull it off or would I look like a ridiculously gigantic 6 years old girl snuggling her fuzzy friend. Of course the always fashion-forward multi-brand boutique N has just received the raccoon stole and it looked soooo cute, however I didn't have the guts to buy or wear it. For some reason I didn't try it on either, maybe I should next time I shop there, that is if it's still not sold out. 

Check out how cute they look on Vika Gazinskaya's lookbook on

1 comment:

miss ghesquiere said...

ive literally been OBSESSING since they came out. OBSESSING!


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