Event: Sheen Ghain

I have been invited to Sheen Ghain's opening Sunday night, but due to my personal commitments that night, my friend and I came in a tad bit late. Fortunately for us, we did manage to meet the owners as well as the PR manager of Sheen Ghain the lovely Dima Al Dilham, who looked impeccable in her Acne skirt and black silk-chiffon button-down shirt, and statement necklaces. Dima, better known as Me_Capi, has managed to keep us all in suspense weeks before the official opening. Even when I received the actual invite I was still wondering what was it about. 

So finally we managed to find out what it was. Basically, it's a very spacious and modern multi-purpose space available for short-term rental. Uses might include arts exhibitions, corporate and social gathering/meeting space, or public/private events such as book launches, catwalk shows, new brands launches... etc.

Because we came in late and missed the event, and only managed to take the first two photos of this post, Dima has kindly offered to send me photos of the attendees of the event. Let me tell, Kuwaiti girls really love to dress up and up the ante with their accessories. Scroll down for more.

Sheen Ghain Gallery is located in Shuwaikh Industrial Area, on the same strip as Boutique 4. Find out more by clicking here.

Dima's statement necklaces by Valentino and Dylan Lex

My favorite color combo of the evening.. cobalt blue and chocolate brown


miss ghesquiere said…
whoever that girl in the python pencil skirt and the electric blue cropped sweater and the Aquazurras is... she's GORGEOUS! mashallah! all perfect errthing.