Rock Your Rosantica

Don't you think that we all have that certain one category of accessories that we're always obsessed about and sort of becomes our signature? Like rings, hats, or even hairbands? Well, I'm pretty sure I'm a shoes girl 65% of the time, and the remaining 35% is dedicated to statement necklaces. They're just perfect on days that call for a little extra something, no need to fuss about which pants goes with which top, you just wear the shoes/necklace and you're good to go. So the other day I spotted at Harvey Nichols Kuwait a selection of stunning necklaces by Rosantica, featuring several cascading strands of colored beads and precious stones. They're simple in design but give such a rich effect. You'll also find some really nice pieces of the same brand here. The pink beads look perfect for winter's greys and blacks, don't you think?