Discovering Daiso

I came across one of the most bizarre stores in Kuwait the other day, Daisoapparently it's a leading Japanese chain of value store right in the heart of Souk Al Salmiya. How come I never heard of it before?! Anyhow, it was very... interesting browsing the shelves of this store. It actually felt more Chinese than Japanese if that makes any sense? The products sold were very low in price and I discovered some really "unique" things, like nylon ear caps, Double eyelid thingy (!!), lint remover, all sorts if beauty products and face masks, toys, and other knick-knacks. I ended up buying several colorful lanterns to decorate our balcony with, shown in the last photo, and the good thing about them is that they work using batteries, so they're safe to use indoors as well. 

Just in time for Halloween! I actually liked these masks a lot for some reason, I think they remind me of my childhood and watching cartoons like Grendizer

Two-toes socks

I loved these mini tea pots and ceramic figurines shown below


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