Chanel Fever

Chanel just knows how to woo me whenever I feel like I no longer have passion for this brand. No wait, not any Chanel boutique, it's the Chanel in Dubai specifically, because I always tend to find the most amazing pieces that I don't think I'll ever get to see in my hometown for some weird reason. Take for example that killer lace-up ankle boots in the photo above with the breathtaking pearls on the back of the heel. I die!

I also spotted other items that tickled my fancy, like the flats below that look like something from outer space or from another galaxy. Don't the spots look like stars? Oh and that punked up chain boots and the boy bag with rows of chains, the bag looked really nice but it's not something I would personally carry because it can look borderline, dare I say, tacky. And those mirrored retro-like heels?! Love love love. Can we get these in K-town please? Thank you. And by the way, you can shop for some vintage Chanel pieces here and here.