Chanel Camilla Sneakers

Ever since Chanel released the Camellia high top sneakers featuring a cluster of camellias with their iconic double C’s on one petal, and I've been contemplating whether I should get them or not. And after a long journey of searching for those black on black pair specifically, because they also come in an ugly shade of beige and black, my sister finally found them for me in the states. And when I first tried them on, I was smitten by their beauty, HOWVER, I had, still have, doubts about their practicality and the fact that will I ever get my money's worth for buying these pair. I can't tell now because the weather is still warm and I prefer wearing sneakers when the weather gets colder. So for the time being, I'll be taking mental notes of what to wear with them. 


Anonymous said…
I love them, I got them in Dubai. Its more than a shoes...its a piece of art, a Collector!!!