The Diet Address

Being a mother with a full time job and a blog, sometimes I have a hard time making time to eat healthy. So when I was approached by The Diet Address, to get a one-day free trial of their meals, I was like, sure why not, let's give it a go.

Franchised from Lebanon, the company offers various diet plans for diabetes, normal weight loss,  detox, gaining weight, kids program, gluten free, and down syndrome. I compared their prices for the normal weight loss plan specifically to other existing local competitors and found their rates to be the lowest. I was impressed, but I had to test the food first before I made my final judgement, I tried their normal weight loss diet so they delivered breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks plus dessert. Unfortunately on that day I was too hungry to wait and take proper photo of each meal. But trust me when I say, every meal I had was simply perfect in terms of taste (yummy), quality (the meat used was so good), and quantity. I felt comfortably full the entire day, in fact I didn't feel the need to have the dessert. The only thing that I wish it was different was the breakfast, I had a croissant and I'm not a croissant kind of person. I'm sure they have other alternatives to suit your preferences. So the verdict? I would definitely try them out, maybe start with their Office Plan. 

To find out more about The Diet Address, please visit their website here.