Fall-ing for Shoes

Sooo, I'm sure by now you have started shopping for Fall. Besides, savvy shoppers start early, ain't that right? And even though Summer is always my favorite time of year, probably for the obvious reasons such as the sun, the beach, and the colorful fashion, I seem to can't resist fall shopping. I don’t really love cold weather, but I DO love layering, closed toe shoes, my soft scarves, and knee-high boots. Anyhow, I started my Fall window shopping at AlOthman boutique. And what's better than shopping for shoes? I loved these two pairs, the first are cobalt blue flats with black furry pompom by Aperlai and a pair of oh-so-elegant red lace heels by Nicholas Kirkwood. I didn't any of them yet, I decided to go back home, de-clutter my closets and then write down what I really need rather than what I want. Trying to be  wiser shopper.... Will keep you posted on my shopping finds as usual.