Event: 4 Concept Boutique's Fall Launch

Last night I had the pleasure to attend 4's event to celebrate the launch of its AW 2013 collection. If you've been living under a rock and never heard of 4 Concept store, then you're missing out big time. This place is the go-to destination for any avant-garde fashion lover. 

I was secretly hoping that the place won't be fully-packed so I could get a good look at the merchandise and not get side-tracked from my main objective of my visit, aka shopping. But of course, I was kind of pushing my luck, it's an event after all, the place should be at full capacity. And what a crowd and an event it was, I was feasting my eyes on their amazing merchandise, they had good selection of Rick Owens, CDG, Demeulemeester, the two Charlottes (Olympia and le Tan) and so much more, they also had visits by some of our best dressed ladies in K-town, as you can see from the photos below. I like the fact that 4's team was also supporting local talents, they had live music performance by a local band, the drinks served were mixed by the super talented photographer and future restauranteur Faisal Al Nashmi, famously known as Zubaneen, and AJ's food truck was at our service, parked right outside of the store. 

Another visit is a must to thoroughly go through the selection. Until then, scroll down for some highlights of the event. 


MARI said…
love this! I am in Kuwait for a few months, I will try to check it out :) are u on instagram? x

Stylish ladiesss mashallahhh<33 and i really like the black heels!!