Sunday, September 8, 2013

Audrey's Closet

I've been meaning to visit the newly-open boutique Audrey's Closet for quite some time and never got around it until recently. The new boutique, located at Burj Jsaasim's basement, is launched by the same creative brains behind Walkin Closet boutique, which is also located at Burj Jassim. I visited them for the first time recently and was impressed by the layout of the store. The clothes were evenly spaced out on the racks, and statement accessories neatly laid on tables. I found brands such as Emma Cook and RDM by Rue du Mail, and KUBORAUMone of the coolest sunglasses brands around which was founded in Berlin. Basically you’re bound to find something among the dozens of brands on offer. Scroll down for a quick look at the boutique...

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