Shopping at Boutique 4

I haven't passed by Boutique 4 for quite sometime, so the other day while I was in the neighborhood I decided to check it out. I'm glad that it closes late and opens on Fridays. I wish the stores around that area did the same, because at 9pm the area's like a ghost town. Anyhow, Boutique 4 is always worth a visit and the ideal place for an avant-garde fashion lover. They carry the coolest  and edgiest stuff and once you get to know the sales team, it becomes a pretty fun shopping experience.  It's a good place to find unique gifts in the form of small leather goods; interesting jewelry, and home accessories. I got a pair of adidas SLVR sneakers, shown below. They're the lightest pair of sneakers I have ever seen! It's a new line by Adidas and is made from eco-friendly materials. They also had a new selection of book clutches by Olympia le-Tan. Scroll down for more cool finds. 

The split-personality plates and shoes too!
Clothes and accessories for the coolest kids in k-town


Noor said…
I was just saying tonight that I need a pair of sneakers for jogging so I may look into these inshAllah.