Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mixing Blues with Yellows

Cobalt blue and canary yellow, what’s life if it weren't colorful, right? I love mixing these shades together, makes you stand out from the crowd in a good way. I took this photo using my iPhone during Ramadan, hence the quality is not so great. I was wearing a casual caftan from Haremlique boutique in Shuwaikh and paired it with two necklaces. The white necklace is by Ek Thongprasert from Boutique N in Burj Jassim. As for the yellow necklace, you can find out more about it here.


4 Ketakeet emfarzineen said...

I loove mixing two necklaces together it gives you a unique look and you did it perfectly<3!! the colors combination is amaaazingg! keeep going a7eb thoqech mashallah;*

Kstylick said...

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