Madame Mantis

After so many failed attempts, I have finally managed to visit one of the hippest home accessories and lifestyle boutiques in K-town, Madame Mantis. And I wish I visited this place earlier because as I started browsing its stock I realized I must have missed on so many cool stuff. Madame Mantis is the kind of place that sells items that can create the perfectly decorated room, which expresses your unique sense of self, and helps you find the perfect items for gifts or everyday. These are things that can make a difference in the overall look of your room or your look. It displays a carefully curated collection of home accessories, art, home furniture, fashion accessories, lighting and more. I spent at least an hour in-store skimming through each item. And compared to other boutiques in Kuwait with similar concepts, this one is quite budget-friendly. Scroll down for a look at my favorite things.

Madame Mantis is located at Shuwaikh Industrial area, AlMutawa Complex, next to Spring Flows

This pop-up model is part of one of the coolest coffee table books I've ever seen. In celebration of the Neiman Marcus's 100th anniversary, the iconic department store published this pop-up book which uses seven spectacular pops to tell the story of a girl's journey through Neiman Marcus from past to present. It does make such a  unique gift for a true collector or the fashion obsessed. Unfortunately, it is NOT for sale. I know what a bummer! 

A wall decorative piece made from real insects.. creepy and pretty at the same time! The sales guy then informed me that this piece is by an artist named Christopher Marley. His Pheromone collection incorporates everything from insects, fossils, crystals, and even feathers. He collects and arranges these pieces by hand. Each insect or object is laid out symmetrically and become studies in both color and scale. I honestly have mixed feelings about his work, pretty? Yes. Creepy? very! Definitely not something to hang in your dinning room. 

 I bought one of these colorful trash cans, they're reasonably priced at KD 19 each

 Unique handmade necklace

These tables are beyond stunning! They're like nothing I've ever seen before! One table would set you back KD 1,000+ though.

I bought 4 different illustrations of these. They're quite unique.  

Head pieces that would make Anna dello Russo green with envy. My favorite is the "Love" headpiece shown below.
Remember the clutch that I posted about which got lost in mail and the designers sent me another one to compensate for the lost one, previous post here? Well they're here and in different styles too.


Anonymous said…
i bought one of those handmade necklaces from a saudi girl who usually works on famous looks!! she made me the exact same one!!! take a look at her instagram
skinplusng said…
kuwait looks like a fun place.