Flavor of the Day: Ofantique Bags

I have received an e-mail from leather goods designer Rita T. Bastos introducing me to her brand OFANTIQUE. The brand was recently featured in Vogue Portugal. 

According to the website, OFANTIQUE was born in 2011 during a voyage to South East Asia, Thailand to be more precise. While there, the designer discovered a world of antique textiles made by talented hill-tribe women who live in the mountains of Southeast Asia, and whose cultures are rich with the ancient traditions of textile production. Because much of the hill-tribe people have no written language, motifs are their visual language and the butterfly is the most important motif in Miao culture. Women embroider butterfly images on their baby carriers, because they believe that the Mother Butterfly brings good luck and good health to children, and grants Miao women the blessing of fertility.

I skimmed through the selection on the website and was instantly drawn to the richness and detail of the silk embroidery on the antique textiles used and how they were skillfully combined with genuine leather and other highest quality materials. The Yoga mat bags looked divine, and the Burma bag 0057 would make a wonderful piece to carry while travelling to exotic locations. Must make room for these on my wish list.