Yoga Center in Kuwait

Last week I was invited by the lovely people behind Yoga Center, located at the basement of Burj Jassim in Kuwait City, to try out one of their classes and get a quick tour of their newly opened center.

I can't say that I'm a yoga expert as I have only tried it out several times. I did enjoy it, but it was the time factor (or the lack of time management) that did not allow me to be more dedicated to it. And since I was intrigued to find out what warm yoga is all about, I decided to give it a go. And boy, what an experience it was! Actually it got me hooked and now I'm making more room for yoga in my life. 

I came in 15 minutes before the class started to get a quick tour of the place. The moment I stepped-in   I instantly felt the tranquility and peacefulness of the ambiance. Everything looked clean, inviting, and easy to the eye. And it smelled so good, as if you were in a spa! The shower booths were spotless and modern, the lockers area was spacious, and just before I headed to the area where the yoga studios were, I noticed there were 4 (or maybe 5) floor sinks to wash your feet, a mandatory practice before you start your yoga session, only then you can pick your mat and towel, provided by the center, and start your session. The yoga mats provided are 100% natural cotton linen blend that has a strong grip when you stand on it. 

After washing my feet, I headed to my warm yoga studio, I passed by a reading area, designed to chill out or relax before or after your class. I opened the door of the studio and instantly felt the heat. The warm yoga studio was heated to about 38 degrees celsius. The lights were dimmed and everyone was carrying a water bottle. I felt both excited and anxious about the class. Our instructor took her place at the front of the studio and introduced herself. She talked about taking care of your body and getting in touch with your breathing. This slow start allowed my lungs to get used to the heavy humidity in the studio. And throughout the session she was there observing every move, very helpful and hands-on kind of instructor, which I liked a lot since I needed some balance in some of the postures we've done. All in all, the class was incredible! I hadn’t sweat so much in a long time and I felt so clean after doing the warm yoga class. Oh! And by the way, a word of advice? wear a headband! By the time class ended, my hair looked like Monica Geller's in that episode when she had it braided because of the humidity. And bring water. 

Their shop stocks clothes for Yoga by brands such as Hanuman from NYC, Aumnie from Canada, and Omberry from Hong Kong. In addition to everyday accessoires and yoga non-slip towels and mats. Scroll down for a quick tour of the place. 


Anonymous said…
Its looks very impressive, however, their pricing is extremely overrated compared to other yoga classes, which is a true shame.
Hello from Omberry Living Aesthetics! Thanks for posting these images! The Yoga Center looks great! We are so happy to be part of this amazing new studio!
J said…
Now a sector is money making industry. Yoga greatly improves they start yoga as a money making tricks. In India, many many palces , they teach yoga for free of cost. No charegs at all. My spouse is BNYS(Bachleors of Naturopathy and Yogic science) doctor graduate from India's leading premier college. My spouse teaches yoga daily for free(almost) for all neighbours in Kuwait. So want to take for more people for free of charge only contrains are official licence issues and more space needed for more people.