Webby Wednesday: Paire.us

Shoes, bags, and fashion accessories in particular, are the main items that drive my lust to shop. So the day I discovered Paire.us, an online boutique concept where you can shop an unparalleled selection of statement designer jewelry, was one of my happiest shopping moments. The most hard-to-find designer accessories were just an online click away?! Euphoria!

A few months ago I placed an order on Paire.us and bought a couple of things including my Rodarte Stars hairpiece which I have previously posted about here. And this amazing Diana Broussard's Nathan chain necklace made of marbled green plexiglass, as seen on street style icon Miroslava Duma. I'm glad I bought it because unlike some chain necklaces, this one nestles beautifully into my neck so it moves comfortably without chocking or snagging the hair.

There are so many drool-worthy pieces you can buy online, here are my top favorite five pieces: