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Again I got a little bit behind with keeping my blog up to date. Work and family commitments have had to take precedence over everything else. My instagram (@confashions) however is quite active. Let's just say that I have decided to focus more on quality posts than quantity. Anyhow, let's kick start the posts with an Outfit of the Day post. And today's outfit gives a warm welcome to Ramadan and its lovely atmosphere. I love how everything around me suddenly becomes so serene and spiritual, I love our family and friends gatherings, and I love how everyone accessorizes their caftans and how they wear them. I got my caftan from Noonopink by ReeM.M's Ramadan collection 2013. I remember when I went to her studio to buy a caftan I was completely blown away by her creativity, quality, and craftsmanship. I wanted to take a photo of each piece on display and show the world how talented some of the designers in our region. But that would ruin the joy of wearing something new to a lot of her clients.

I accessorized my caftan with a statement necklace by Monies, a pair of Nicholas Kirkwood heels which I bought from AlOthman a while back, my Tonya Hawks clutch, and a whole lot of arm and ring party.

How is your Ramadan so far? Share a pic of your favorite caftan and I'll repost it. E-mail it to info@confashionsfromkuwait.com.


Anonymous said…
ramadhan kareem to you too + i wish allah (swt) will grant all our good dua's always. wasalaam habibti! :)
Anonymous said…
always elegant confashions :***
LadyB said…
Gorgeous <3
I'm kicking myself for missing out on buying from her this year !
Malbooos el3afya !
awa tutu said…
Confashions! As always I look forward to your "outfit of the day posts". You're version is like a breath of fresh air. Thank you sooo much for sharing your ramadhan posts with us. You remind me of a Kuwaiti Sarah Jessica Parker and I love it!
Mashallah entay ely m7alya eldara3a weya your edgy accessories ou your trendy clutch i really like the whole outfit mashallahhh<3
Confashion said…
Thank you sweetie and I wish you the same :)

Thank yooou :)

Allah y3afeeich and inshallah next year you won't miss out :) xxx

awa tutu
OMG! That's very sweet of you! Thank you so much for the compliment :)

4 Ketakeet emfarzineen
You always know how to lift my mood! Thank you so much for your constant support xoxo
Melissa said…
Sehr elegant1