F160 and Visual Therapy's Art Show

Last week I was invited to Visual Therapy's first art show, which took place at Dar Al Funoon. Due to personal commitments, I couldn't make it to the actual event but I made sure to check out what's left of it the next day.

Kuwait-based Visual Therapy is a blend of various projects, which work together to provide an aesthetic platform for innovative work and ideas in all creative fields. Projects include the blog, studio, gallery, and shop.

Last week Visual Therapy presented its first ever art show titled Not Just a Pop-Up, and it featured original artwork and prints by Kuwaiti artist F160 and Brooklyn-based artist Zebadiah Keneally. A local graffiti artist Monstariam also painted a live mural during the show. I can't believe I missed this!! Serves me right for not properly managing my time effectively. Anyhow, I'm glad I went there the next day because the paintings done by F160 were beyond amazing. So detailed, so vibrantly colored, and some had funny messages. Most of his work was already sold out! There was one which had a view of Kuwait city which I fell in love with. It would have been perfect for our dinning area. Oh well, you can't have it all, can you? Featured here are samples of F160's work.


Dina said…
Love these!