Exclusive: Watch Wonderland Online

Remember my previous post on Kuwaiti Director Dana Al Mojil, winning the Best Director award at the Fifth Gulf Film Festival in Dubai for her movie Wonderland: A True Story? Well now you can watch the entire movie online.

Wonderland is an adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s “Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass” that is set in Kuwait. it highlights the similarities between the social and political situation in modern Kuwait and Wonderland. The film starts when Alice doesn’t understand why does the Ace “in playing cards” equals 11 when it says one . And that becomes her mission that drives her through all the hierarchy of changing in Kuwait. On her way, for better or worse, she meets the Cheshire cat , the Mad hatter, Mosa’ed and Mes’ed "tweddlee Dee and tweddlee Dum", the Caterpillar, the Joker and the Queen, which will shape the outcome of her mission.


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