Exclusive: Seen Ramadan 2013

Seen by Sirdab 6, one of the top go-to brands for comfortable and chic caftans and the brainchild of talented designer Mrs. Souad J. Al Sabah, has just revealed images of its Ramadan 2013 collection. I love how the caftans look very dreamy and as if they're floating around. Actually, when I went to Sirdab 6's exhibition several weeks ago, which I have instagramed about, I couldn't tell how the shape or the silhouette of the caftans looked like hanging from the hangers, which can be very deceiving because once I selected a couple of caftans to try them on, I was pleasantly surprised by the hidden details and how each piece had a special character. I ended up buying a beautiful and colorful one.  In addition to that, Mrs. Souad was kind enough to send me another caftan of her designs as a token of her appreciation and I instantly fell in love with it (you really shouldn't have!). Can't wait to wear them this Ramadan and share them here. Again, thank you so much for your kindness.