Design My Own Caftan?

I've always wondered what it takes to design a caftan for Ramadan. This thought has been crossing my mind almost every year, especially during Ramadan's gatherings and after observing the variety and the vast selection of caftans/thoubs/darra'a worn by family and friends, and designed by talented, and not so talented, local designers. I believe some designers are a true talent in the way they cleverly mix patterns or use unexpected details in their designs. Some go out of their way and travel to exotic places to get unique fabrics just so to make their designs even more special and unique. Of course, in such cases the high price tag is justified. On the other hand we have some designers who choose to take us for granted and price their design 4 or 5 times more than their actual cost. In fact their fabrics were bought from the fabrics market in Kuwait City for around KD 1/$3 per meter and then paid the tailor something around KD 40 per piece. And let's not forget the ones who copy other designers and present badly tailored pieces. Tsk.. tsk.. tsk.

Anyways, my friend who has just started to design caftans for close friends and family decided to take me on a trip to fabrics market in Kuwait City. I thought that should be fun. And it was, for 30 minutes or so. Then I felt overwhelmed by the selection of fabrics available, and I got tired from walking, AND I got tired from hearing my friend haggling. And right there and then I gave up on the idea of designing my own caftan and thanked god for having great local talents!

Here's a quick look at some of the amazing fabrics I came across... don't ask me which shop they were, I have no idea!


I loved the prints elly eb awal 9oura! and i totally agree with you about the prices thingy, walla ana shayfa local designers khamat'hum teswa aqal men dinar ou their finishing "karfour" e9ek 3alaih ou ebe3ounhum eb 100+!! bs fe nas ebayen ta3abhum 3al piece! ou i tried to designe my own kaftan for several times and theyy were a big FAIL 7asafa elfabrics kanaw 3ajeben bs el tailor allah yhadah:p gragt wayed bs 7asit abe agoul:p
Me Blogging said…
waaaay confashion nafs el she3oor

mawatene min ethe7ik

so many amzing fabrics bes you don't know what to do with them and mix them with what

3afya 3alaihom ele ysawon dararee3
sij sa3at enta7al6am 3alaihom bes when you know what they go through its not easy