Outfit of the Day / Kuwait's MoMA

This was supposed to be an Outfit of the Day post, but then I was too mesmerized by the beauty and creativity surrounding me, that I forgot to take close-up shots of my outfit and settled for showcasing this beauty found at Kuwait's Museum of Modern Art. I have first visited it in 2007 and then again in 2011 (previous posts here and here). Honestly I didn't expect to find new pieces added, but I was surprised to find this AMAZING huge mural in the museum's courtyard, which worked perfectly as a background for my below blogger pose. And then I bumped into the museum's curator who explained to me that this was a very recent project done by four Kuwaiti artists who completed the mural in less than a week. Unfortunately I can't remember their names, but when I find out who exactly, I'll update the post accordingly. Other painting and sculptures that I loved are shown below with details, they're not all necessarily new but they're definitely worth to be featured for their beauty. 

As for my outfit, green khaki houlihan jeans by J Brand, navy cotton top (which I looooove cause it looks like a cape from the back but it's not) by Complex Geometrics from Boutique 4Marsèll sandals (barely shown in the photo when you scroll down, my blue mirror sunnies, and panama hat. Oh! and lots of arm party. 

Check out the details of the mural! Amazing!! Wouldn't you say??!

This one's not new but I never get bored of, a bronze sculpture by Kuwaiti artist Sami Mohammed, done in 1978. 

The 99 Names of Allah

The scream...

Syrian Artist Yousef Abd Laki, painted in 1999


justnoon said…
mashalah beautiful mural and artwork, ive always wanted to pass by but never had the chance