I love receiving emails from new brands and emerging designers introducing me to their designs.  It really feels like a treat to get a glimpse of their hard work and creativity. And today's treat is Fairose, an upcoming global handmade jewelry brand.  Fairose uniquely blends Egyptian history with everyday women Jewelry. Apparently, they produce exclusive handmade pieces with only 100 pieces per design are sold around the globe. The aim of launching Fairose is to preserve the beautiful handmade crafts industry, through investing 25% of its profits to train a younger generation of talented artists in the ancient techniques of the Handcrafts inherited over the ages. Each purchase counts in preserving those beautiful Techniques and creating jobs for many Egyptians. They are currently selling in the US, UK, UAE as well as the Egyptian market.

If you're interested to find out more, please send and e-mail to hanylabiebcpm08@hotmail.com.