Exclusive: Nass Boutique

I have been invited by the lovely owner of NASS boutique Ms. Lujain Al Shalfan for a private preview of her multi-brand boutique. The moment I stepped in and browsed the selection of the ready-to-wear and accessories on display, I instantly knew that this will be a major destination for fashion lovers shopping around The Avenues. And just like any other fashion-obsessed person, I suddenly stopped focusing on the main objective of my visit to the boutique, and experienced this adrenaline rush, which I usually get when I see so many beautiful things to try on and potentially buy. So instead of me taking notes and photos of the merchandise and interior of the boutique, I began to pick out the pieces that caught my fashion radar.  

Luckily, Lujain interrupted my fashion fantasy, and walked me through the gorgeous selection on the floating display. And described for me the history behind each brand. The selection was a mixture of established designers and emerging ones. I recall seeing pieces by Ostwald Helgason, Monies, Ben Amun, Venessa ArizagaLublu Kira Plastinina, and JILL Jill Stuart evening gowns and cocktail dresses, which range between KD 70 and KD 120, amazing prices wouldn't you say?? The mix of merchandise ensures that the store’s collection is accessible to almost anyone and everyone. Of course I LOVED Monies's statement necklaces and bracelets, exactly what I need to dress up my Ramadan caftan and of course other plain tops and dresses. Scroll down to get a sneak peek of what's available now in-store...

NASS boutique is currently open and you can shop there starting tomorrow. It's located in The Grand Avenues, close to Elevation Burger.

Venessa Arizaga's pearls

Loved this skirt! Comes with a bow detail which zippers, you can actually use it to keep your keys/money whatever and walk around hands-free!

I got one of these clutches! So in love!

Ben Amun accessories, known to be worn by Jackie O 30 years ago

If you ever visit the boutique, make sure to check out the collaboration between international fashion blogger Man Repeller and Patterson J. Kincaid.

Lujain has also introduced me to a brand that is stocked in several boutiques in Paris, Saint Tropez, and Sauce boutique in Dubai. When she started this intro I assumed that it's a european brand. later I was surprised to find out that it's actually by a Kuwaiti Fashion designer Eman Aldukhan. Her brand is called Emanmoon. I couldn't find a website or anything online about the brand. However I did take these photos of a shrunken bisht-like top and a skirt by Emanmoon. It's amazing to be stocked and known by the biggest boutiques on the international level. 


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the tribal necklaces are to die for!
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The Avenues Mall phase III

Entrance #16

mezzanine floor