Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Webby Wednesday:

We normally associate shopping online to buying mass-produced merchandise that fills the shelves of  a retailer. is anything but that. This is not your typical online store. It's merchandise selection is driven by travels to faraway cultures. Everything in this website is chosen and selected for its handmade qualities and uniqueness.

"I love to travel so I am a backpacker at heart. During my trips to places like Kenya, Nepal and Peru I come across beautiful cultures and sometimes local artists." expressed the owner of "This is where the idea of starting a kinda blogshop where I bring back some pieces i found from my trips or (mostly now) work with artists that i came across and believe in their work and hence introduce them to Kuwait."

I fell in love with the Munecas dolls, they're hand-made and dressed with hand-woven alpaca wool which, according to the site, can be felt from their weight. 

The owner of will be holding the wevsite's first exhibition at Treak located in Al Tilal Complex on 4th of June. It will be for a Peruvian artist Vacidel. She designs handmade recycled art to be worn rather than accessories. Her work was also exhibited in NY, Chicago and Latin America Bienale.

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Dina said...

These are so beautiful!


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