Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Stars in My Hair

So I finally managed to get my Rodarte stars headpiece that where shown last Fall (yay!). The models wore the piece clipped on the sides of a messy up-do. So I was like "how hard would it be to just clip on a headpiece to my head?! Right??!" Wrong! That thing doesn't come with an actual clip-on.... thing.  You actually need like a box of bobby pins to wear it. And when it was time for me to try it on, it kept snagging my hair whenever it moved a bit (ouch!!). Nevertheless, I will wear it, even if it means I'd have to clip it on with a zillion bobby pin. 


layla said...

Is there some way that you could maybe attach a clip onto the back of the headpiece? That would make it a lot easier to wear right? Its beautiful by the way!

A. said...

Where did you manage to find it? I've been looking everywhere for it! :(

SarahQataria said...

Hi confashions, how you managed to get them please ?


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