Qirdala is a new jewelry boutique founded by Kuwaiti entrepreneurs Dhari Al Nafisi and Nasser AlBader and opened at Al Tilal Complex last week. I was invited to the launch and managed to take these photos of the interior and the jewelry on display. They're currently exclusively stocking a Greek jewelry brand called Apriati, which means strong desire for having beautiful possessions. The brand Apriati, is the brainchild of two young Greek designers, Athina Axioti and Themis Bobolas, both educated in Italy. 

The jewelry on display were designed to be worn casually to add a bit of luxury to your day-to-day outfits. And the designs were a mix of gold, diamonds and other precious stones, complemented with unexpected materials like silk cords and leather. My favorite piece was the leather bracelet decorated with precious stones and diamonds which you will find a photo of as you scroll down. 

As for the interoir, it looked beyond amazing. I loved how the jewelry was displayed on open drawers and the way a party of lightbulbs were dangling from the ceiling. Beautiful! The interior was designed by the talented Kuwaiti intrior designer Yousef Al Ibrahim, whom I have previously featured on my blog here.