Oops More Shoes!

As I declutter the files on my laptop, I keep on discovering new photos that I have taken for the purpose of publishing on my blog but never came around to do that. I should have added these photos to a previous post dedicated for shoes that I liked, or ones that I didn't like but caught my attention, during my trip to Dubai last month.  Let's start with Giuseppe Zanotti, I actually liked these gold chain sandals, they felt very industrial... or more like Givenchy. I also spotted Zanotti's shoes of the season with its golden wings details, according to the sales guy, you can place an order for the white pair which the brand collaborated with US rapper Kanye West in designing in celebration of the launch of his album .

These Giuseppe Zanotti emerald green lace-up sandals were released in black last season and I bought them from the brand's boutique at 360 Mall, even though I haven't worn them much, they really do make the outfit stand out. 

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like a walking statue, then get these Emilio Pucci off-white wedged sandals, carved out in patterns taken from chinese ivory craftsmanship. Yes the details are a work of art but I wouldn't be caught dead wearing them! Plus they cost like KD 1,500!!! Seriously??!!

Now these sandals by Rupert Sanderson are super adorable! I have a weakness for accessories with lips motif. 


justnoon said…
you can never have enough shoes <3