The Paper Bag

One bag that caught my fashion radar during S/S 2013 Fashion Week was Celine's rectangular leather fold-over clutch, better known as the Paper Bag. I was so eager to see it up close and personal, and I finally did when I was in Dubai a couple of weeks ago as you can see from the above photo. The bag very much resembles the work of Chanel's rendition of the Paper Bag a few seasons ago if my memory serves me right.

It can carry all your essentials in your hand, under your arm or inside a larger bag. It pretty much looked like Celine's trio-bag but with a roll-at-the-top detail. Beautiful! But the only drawback? How impractical it was to roll up and roll down the clutch every time I wanted to hold it, which made it somewhat impractical, but let's face it, when did "impractical" ever stopped us from loving and buying what we really want.

If you're looking for a budget friendly version of this "it" bag, check out this link

*Runway and lookbook photos from brand reps.