Sarah's Eye

We were out for dinner the other night when my sister-in-law introduced me to her sweet friend, who kind of reminded me of Carrie Bradshaw with her blonde wavy hair, light-colored eyes, white pumps paired with city black shorts and a military jacket, but looked more of a chic blazer than a frumpy jacket.  Anyhow, she was wearing this quirky cool statement necklace with an eye that stares back at you decorating the center of the silver futuristic necklace. I instantly fell in love with it and asked if I could post about it. Apparently it is designed by the owner of Sarah's bag, a Beirut-based accessories brand, who recently got into designing jewelry. Doesn't it have the same charm as Delfina Delettrez?


LadyB said…
Very Delfina !
Love it nonetheless ..