Pink Kotur and a New Goji

First Things First. I am obssessed with this Kotur clutch. The acrylic snow globe clutch has hot pink aqua-gel that tumbles every time you tilt the clutch, just like a lava lamp or the pencil cases I used to carry when I was in elementary school. Loves it!

So where could we possibly find this head-turner? Well, at the newly revamped Kuwait-based online shop, Goji Boutique.

After a fashionable pause, Goji Boutique is back with a hot new look and a user-friendly navigation experience. So with one quick glance at the front page, you'll enjoy all things Goji-what's new right now and what's coming next to please those fashionable cravings. Combining all that with the new and improved checkout process. 

And that's not all, they're also offering the first ten fabulous shoppers an additional 10% discount on their next purchase. So you can start your  Goji shopping extravaganza here.


Goji Boutiuqe said…
Glad you liked it <3
I loved this clutch when I saw it on ShopBop a while back and was bummed that it sold-out in no time!