In the News: Matches Announces New Aligned Brand Identity

I just got this through my e-mail, Matches announced that all platforms of the business, including the 10 London stores and International website, will be known as MATCHESFASHION.COM to unify the brand. Tom and Ruth Chapman, joint CEOs of MATCHESFASHION.COM commented;

‘We are now a global omni-channel retailer and in order to deliver the best luxury fashion experience possible we are aligning all of our platforms under one brand name, MATCHESFASHION.COM. We believe this creates a seamless experience at every touch point for our clients worldwide.'

10 London stores?! Wow! I thought they only had one, which I previously posted about here. I always wonder if re-branding exercises are really as effective as consultants claim to be. In this example, I don't see the harm of having a new brad identity, I suppose the company is doing well after all. But in other cases of companies on the verge of going bankrupt, I just feel that re-branding would be pointless.