Event: Hala Expo

Today I managed to go to Hala Expo event after I gave in to some peer pressure, in hopes of finding a fancy caftan for Ramadan. I was pleased when I first came in because it wasn't as crowded as I have imagined it to be. Maybe because it was the 2nd day of the event? Apparently the first day, which was yesterday, the hall was PACKED, the ATM machine broke down, and the walkways were hardly moving. Oh and by the way, most of the caftans that I've been eyeing the past couple of days were already sold out. But I still managed to find some other nice things, including caftans, such as clutches, hair accessories, home accessories and more. Allow me to share with you the highlights of the evening. In the first photo we have a nice everyday caftan by Kushtuban, in red, black, and off-white.

Remember when I instagrammed about Shugar Ramadan collection? Well here's a close up of the cute caftan worn by the designer. Her pieces are very well tailored.

Isn't that cup with the matching plate just adorable and funny?? Spotted it at Our Home's booth. I also liked the way they had decorated their booth, as you can see from the photo below.

AlMubarak Corner's booth had a selection of really unique accessories to pair with your caftans this Ramadan and beyond. They had a couple of Sarah's bag box clutches on display. I liked the geometric Islamic designs.

The texture on this clutch is so beautiful!

I came across a booth called Radan, they had a selection of really nice caftans with clean and intricate embroidery details.

Remember Opal jewelry which I have previously featured on my blog here? They were displaying their new collection of necklaces, headpieces, bracelets, rings, and anklets. I love the mini ring shown in the photo above and below.

Another booth which had also a nice selection of caftans was Raghed collection. I loved the green embroidered piece shown below.

And last but not least, cute flower display and gurgaia'an ideas at @vdfkw


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