eL Seed for Louis Vuitton

My super sweet friend has sent me these photos of Louis Vuitton's window display in Dubai Mall. Apparently, Louis Vuitton has involved Tunisian urban-calligraphy artist eL Seed, who became very famous in the aftermath of the Arab uprisings, to reinterpret, in his own inimitable arabic calligraffiti style, the classic Louis Vuitton scarf, as part of its “Foulards des Artistes” limited edition line.

The blue scarf is sold exclusively in the UAE, a pink version will be available in Paris later this year. The artist chose the scarf text from an ode to Venice by Ali Mahmoud Taha, an early 20th Century Egyptian romantic poet, who passed away in 1949 but many of poems became slogans during the uprising that overthrew former president Hosni Mubarak.

Building upon the layers of cultural communication between the artist and LV, eL Seed had custom-created this window installation using three iconic hard-sided luggages, sharing the same poetic and fluid calligraffiti messages that have made him renowned in he world of urban art.

These unique luggage piece will be auctioned by Christie's for the benefit of START and 1 ESPOIR 1 ENFANT (non-profit organizations and charities).