Congratulations to our Fashion Designers

You've probably heard through friends or family that The Arab Women Awards took place last week at the Sheraton Hotel. Strangely, the event hardy received any coverage in the media. In fact, the only source which I found some info about the event was Kuwait Times. So I thought I'd spread the news even more and share it here on my blog, especially that two Kuwaiti designers from the fashion field were honored: Mrs. Souad J A Al-Sabah and Ms. Sara Al Ateeqi of Qumar 14, whom I have previously featured her lovely work on my blog.

Mrs. Souad J A Al-Sabah of Sirdab 6 won the Fashion Award for being the first Kuwaiti to transform the traditional Dara’a (caftan) into a modern day caftan. Her designs usually sell out within 15-20 minutes flat! So definitely her award is well deserved. It is worth mentioning that, Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad came to Kuwaiti specifically to hand Mrs. Al-Sabah the award, as seen in the photo above.
The Arab Woman Awards have to-date recognized the achievement of over 100 Arab women and are now held in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Kuwait. The event's main mission is to celebrate the accomplishments of women who have achieved in the fields of art, entrepreneurship, fashion, medicine and charity. In addition to the above-mentioned winners, the following are the remaining ones:
  • Sarah Akbar, Businesswoman of the Year
  • Dr Badria Al-Awadi, Education
  • Shurooq Amin, Art
  • Farida Sultan, Art
  • Bibi Mubarak Al-Sabah and Nouf Al- Motawa, Entrepreneurs
  • Dr Najma Idris, Literature
  • Professor Noura Al- Sweih, Medical
  • Maha Al-Barges, Humanitarian
  • Faye Sultan, Sports
  • Lulwa Al-Shamlan, Young Talent
  • Fareah Al-Saqaf, Inspirational Arab Woman of the Year
  • Ruqayah Abdulwahab Alqatami, Lifetime Achievement
  • Badriayh Saud Mohamed Al-Sabah, Special Recognition
I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate Ms. Maha Al-Barges, whom I know personally. She is a hard-working and dedicated woman to humanitarian issues and has a genuine and heart-warming soul. Well deserved. 

*Photo credit Kuwait Times