The Perfect Prada Tee

I just love Miuccia Prada's colorful and approachable take on fashion. I recently spotted a selection of t-shirts at the brand's boutique in Prestige at The Grand Avenues. They were neatly folded on one of the store's tables, so they weren't quite visible and I couldn't tell what they were until I unfolded them and so how pretty they were. Honestly I was surprised to find such pretty pieces not properly or clearly displayed on a mannequin or at least one on the hangers. The store had 4 different embroidered tee's, and of course I had a hard time narrowing my selection to one, needless to say the one that I liked the most, sold out in my size. the story of my life! How cute they'd look worn with a pencil skirt and a pair of boyish brogues, or lace-up heels.