Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Fatal Dress

I've always related Wolford to expensive hosiery. It was only while touring AlHamra Mall with Mariam of Hannayome a couple of months back that I came to know about Wolford's Fatal Dress. Basiacally, it's a one long opaque, seamless tube, which is so versatile that you can actually wear it as a skirt, a top, or a dress, provided that you have the figure of Natalia Vodianova.

So why mention it if it's not easy to pull off? Well thanks to M, I found out a better way to put this Fatal Dress in good use, minus the fat free figure prerequisite. Since this dress is VERY body hugging, it makes a perfect alternative to a slip or corset, especially when wearing fitted caftans or maxi dresses. So all the unwanted jiggles are perfectly and comfortably hugged in one smart garment. Genius no? Something to consider for our Ramadan caftans maybe...

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Anonymous said...

Yes! They are so versatile. I love mine.


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