Pretty in Valentino

Valentino just knows how to tickle a girl's fancy with its ultra delicate designs, pretty embellishments and feminine details. I stopped by the brand's boutique at Prestige in the Grand Avenues, and spotted Valentino's fashion-pack favorite du jour, aka the lace espadrilles in black, dusty pink and off-white. But I have to warn you guys, the had a very limited number of sizes. If you're a size 38, you're in luck because there are a few pairs left. I also liked the embellished shoulder bag featured above, not something I would go for, but I have to admit it's a piece of art, if I'm not mistaken I think it was selling for KD 500 more or less? I know! It looks like it costs more than that!

Oh and just so you know, Valentino boutique in Salhiya Complex is not the same as the one in Prestige, as in not the same owners. So I'm not sure yet if these pieces are available at Salhiya as well.