Prada in Blooms

Choosing a new selection of jewelry for any season is easy, convincing yourself with "I'm going to wear it all the time/it goes with everything" is not, especially if the piece is quite expensive for a custom jewelry . However, I think it's safe to say that with Prada, you can never go wrong. This collection was first seen during the spring-summer 2013 show with the use of bracelets featuring two color' floral' bouquets on enamel. I loved this tortoiseshell and pink set, it was enriched with metal points in the links of the chain. The alternating flowers of different sizes are set in a sculptural plexi frame that gives the bracelet and its matching earrings a three dimensional look. Price tag? Earrings around KD 200, bracelet KD 400+. 

Prada boutique is located at Prestige at the Grand Avenues and at 360 Mall.