Parfumerie d’Exception

The other day we were walking around AlHamra Mall, when we came across a fragrance and beauty boutique called Parfumerie d’Exception. The hard to pronounce boutique is a new fragrance concept  store launched by Beidoun Trading Company. I was quite impressed by the elegant interior and the selection in-store. According to the salesperson, the boutique combines 24 of the world’s top niche fragrance brands, all new to Kuwait and all exclusive to Parfumerie d’Exception.

Although I should be highlighting my favorite perfume, what really caught my attention is a make-up brand called BECCA, I've heard great reviews about the quality of this brand. For example, while most cosmetic companies offer 3 to 7 concealer colors, the BECCA range features no less than 34 concealer colors and 30 foundation colors, enabling ALL women to achieve a flawless look and finding the right shade, a problem which I have been struggling with on-and-off depending on time of the year. Weird I know!

The store also had a selection of scented candles, which make great gift ideas! I also loved the look of uniquely handcrafted perfume bottles by a brand called Agonist, a Swedish niche brand specializing in “unique fragrances embraced by handcrafted Swedish glass”, they really look like glass art, scroll down to see what I mean! I wouldn't mind having them displayed in my living room as part of the interior. Forgot to ask about their priced though.

Parfumerie d’Exception is located at the Grand Avenues and Al Hamra Mall (in the basement).


miss ghesquiere said…
i love it!!! try agonist arctic jade and villoresi dilmun and anything by heeley. also, they used to sell becca in Villa Moda back in the day. My favorite high school lipgloss was Maraschino. Its still amaze!