Meeting Christian Louboutin

Yesterday I was invited to to a private preview of Christian Louboutin exhibition at the brand's boutique in Salhiya Mall, followed by a shoe-signing with the master of red soles Mr. Christian Louboutin himself.

At first I was worried that it might get disorganized and too crowded, but fortunately, the Louboutin team did a good job in running the event smoothly. Outside the boutique they had a showcase of Christian Louboutin's previous iconic designs since the start of his career until today, the shoes that were on display were somewhat similar to the ones I posted about in my Dubai post here.

The nice thing about Christian Louboutin's shoe-signing was that the designer did not rush his fans, and his signature was clear, decorated with colored hearts sometimes. He gave each fan his fair share of chit chatting and taking photos, or at least that's what I've noticed until I left, don't know what happened after. Fans were allowed to have their shoes signed only if they were brand new, also no signatures on shoe-boxes were allowed.

My memorable moment while meeting Christian Louboutin, was when the designer complimented what I was wearing and admired the jewel-shaped and pastel colored wooden charms attached to my Vika Gazinskaya's top, as you can see in the last two photos featured here, yup the ones where I freak you out with my invisible headless shot. I thought that was very cool of him! If I had the time (and the guts!) I would have shown him that the charms can actually be moved around since they're detachable, but didn't want to kill the moment with my over enthusiasm.

Anyhow, I'm glad I managed to go to this event and meet the creative brain behind the red sole empire.


Looooved your top<3 3alaich bel3afya
Sweet Modesty said…
He looks very interested<3