Just Like Delfina Delettrez?

I passed by Bimba & Lola the other day, and was taken by surprise with their new accessories collection, by the way their new collection of clothes is really really cute so check it out if you're Summer shopping! Anyhow, I was trying on this quirky cool cuff bracelet shaped as red lips, but I didn't end up buying, when the sales lady asked me to have a look at its matching rings, so the momeny she showed me the rings I was like Whoaa! That's totally a "Just Like Delfina Delettrez" thing.

One hot lips ring with one pearl was the exact same concept/design as Delfina Delettrez's tri-ring shown in the last photo below (which I have previously spotted at Harvey Nichols Kuwait), and the knuckle ring was almost identical to Delfina Delettrez's knuckle ring, with the exception of two different charms. The price range was around KD 15 more or less. Very interesting indeed.


Anonymous said…
If you had a little more knowledge about art or jewelry would know that the Gimmel ring is not an invention of Delfina Deletrez, you can put Gimmel ring in google images. For your information, the lips were a trend topic last season. You can also look at the jewels that made long before Salvador Dali.