Céline... Always and Forever

You can't walk a few meters in the Avenues without bumping into a Trapeze or a Luggage bag, and as I result I cringe and vow not to shop in Céline, ever. Of course such fashion-related vows are meant to be broken, especially when Phoebe Philo keeps introducing and designing accessories that are hard to resist, and I'm not referring to the fur-covered stilettos here.

I popped in Céline shop in Prestige-The Avenues, just to fall in love with its latest accessories. Listed here by order are some of my ultimate favorite piece in store, starting with the wedge heels, the two-tone holographic clutch (beyond perrfffff!), and finally the so-80's/Mr. T inspired gold chain necklace. Not to shop in Céline???!! Now that would be cray-cray crazy.