The Coolest Nikes Out There

The other day I have received an e-mail from New York based illustrator, fashion editor, and stylist  Ekaterina Kulikova, who would like to introduce her services to professionals in our region.

Born in Russia 1985, Kulikova moved to Finland at 19 to study Fashion Design and Fine Art at University of Art and Design in Helsinki. During this period she began traveling widely to Sweden, Norway, Russia, Prague and Dubai.

Kulikova has also done several acclaimed art exhibitions around the globe. She does most of her illustrations by hand, with pen and ink on paper, and uses her digital skills to achieve a particular visual effect or when a technical illustration is needed or wanted by a client. One particular project that attracted my attention, was the illustration and work Kulikova has done on a selection of Nike shoes. I'm not sure if these were actually produced or not as I couldn't find further information on them, but I loved their designs especially the ones featured here.

Currently Kulikova works extensively for European and American publishing houses. Her illustrations have been published in fashion magazines, newspapers and sales promotions. You can find out more about Kulikova by clicking here.

Update: You can request the artist to have your new Nikes fully hand painted and signed, it usually takes 3-4 weeks to paint and 1 week for delivery and it is very limited as the artwork is done for one person and one pair of shoes in the world. In case you're interested, the artist will send you a list of questions to know more about what you have in mind, what you like, colors and preferences, shoe size and after that, she will create 3 designs that you can choose from.


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Russian doll <3